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Leiden is a student city and that means plenty of catering establishments where you can drink and dance. The following cafés, terraces and clubs should be kept in mind if you want to go out in Leiden for an evening.


Café Einstein
Named after the well-known professor at Leiden University, the café offers a terrace boat in the sun during the day and a lively café in the evening. You can also go here for a lunch or dinner.
Address: Nieuwe Rijn 19

The Uyl van Hoogland
Next to the Hooglandse Kerk lies ‘the owl’. The bar consists of old monastery parts and the interior is decorated with – how could it be otherwise – lots of owls.

Address: Nieuwstraat 28

Café Olivier
A cozy Belgian beer café is located in the former hospital on the Hooigracht. In addition to delicious dishes, the café regularly organizes a pub quiz, dance nights and live performances.

Address: Hooigracht 23

North End
A dozen beers on tap and more than two hundred whiskeys in a typical English atmosphere.

Address: Noordeinde 55

The most famous student café in the city is Barrera. In addition to students, many Leideners and day-trippers come here to eat and drink. In the summer they have a small but pleasant terrace in the sun.

Address: Rapenburg 56

De Kroeg (The pub)

The name of this cafe does not bother about it. De Kroeg is a pub with music, beer and wine.

Address: Kort Rapenburg 4

Café Roebels
In this cozy student café there is a cozy atmosphere and students often chat to the bar for an hour or two.

Address: Choorsteeg 24

There is an alternative atmosphere in Odessa, but it is never quiet. Especially foreign students like to come here and on Friday evening the female visitors determine which music is played.

Address: Hogewoerd 18


City Hall
Behind the town hall on the Breestraat is a vast square that City Hall gratefully uses.
Address: Stadhuisplein 3

Terrace boats
There are several boats along the Nieuwe Rijn that serve as terraces. Here you can spend hours in the sun watching the boats and people passing by.

Address: Nieuwe Rijn

Brasserie De Poort
A wonderful place to have lunch, dinner and a drink. The boats sail by while you are sitting in the sun with a good glass with the monumental city gate in the background.

Address: Port 100

The terrace of Annie’s is located on the water where the New Rhine and the Oude Rijn come together. In the summer you can see your eyes when hundreds of boats and sloops float by.

Address: Hoogstraat 1a

Van der Werff
From the station you walk in a straight line to Leiden and you pass the Van der Werff city cafe on your left. You can go here for a lunch, dinner or drink and in good weather you can sit here on the terrace.

Address: Steenstraat 2


NEXT Leiden
Feet off the floor! You can dance until the early morning in this student disco.

Address: Langebrug 6

Dance salon in Casa
Is especially known for the regularly changing theme parties.
Address: Lammermarkt 100